4 Tips for Making Sure a Small Time Startup can Deal with Amazon

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Amazon is a behemoth when it comes to selling almost everything from a needle to huge machinery. So it’s not a surprise that people look up Amazon’s website first while searching for a book or an electronic appliance. 2017 first-quarter sales figures of Amazon topped a staggering 35 billion dollars and now it has over 80 million Prime members in the USA alone. But all this makes the competition tough for other companies to sell their stuff online.

Amazing is now eating up the share of local online stores too around the world after conquering the United States of America. So whether you are trying to set up an online electronics store from Dubai or any part of the Middle East, you will probably end up competing against the biggest nemesis of them all, Amazon. So is there any way you can come up with a viable plan to make sure you outsmart the strategies of Amazon? Well, not really but I can offer you some advice to you so that you can somehow deal (not compete) with Amazon and all the other big daddy of the online shopping stores.

Be Unique in your Approach

Think of a trait or aspect you can do better than Amazon and make sure you really nail it while doing so. Medium level enterprises and companies having nationwide stores don’t think of competing with Amazon. So no way your startup and small business stand a chance against it by competing on the price factor or you can beat them with different combo deals that big companies offer. You need to think out of the box to do so.

What you can do is come up with an approach that puts your customer first. Make him feel you can offer him the best quality product he is looking for and without the hassle of waiting for 3, 4, or 5 days to get the shipment from the USA. Offer them the same day delivery or at least 24 hours delivery so that a person looking to get a book, for example, will think of buying it from you and get in a day rather than waiting for 2 days to get it from Amazon. You can offer academic institutes and libraries such as offers to make a name for yourself.

Go Local

People do realize the importance of shopping in bits and pieces of goods they don’t need desperately so that they can save the money for big, luxury items on festive occasions or the holiday season. Try to promote your website with a different approach to such customers. You need good promotional tactics in this regard so that your potential customers know about your offer well about goods they can get easily buy from your store.

Sell a Different Product

Somewhat similar to the above point, you can sell some products that Amazon doesn’t sell. Well, you will definitely ask, what are these things? You have to deal in certain categories that most people buy from local stores or neighborhood shops. These include food items that most people like to buy from a store in their locality or from an online place ensuring same-day delivery. You can capture the local market by selling these food products that Amazon can’t sell in your region.

Again, a prominent digital marketing agency can offer you service to make sure your service in this regard is known to your target audience so that you stand a chance of making it big in sales in this concern.

Love your Customers

Treat your customers like royals and make sure they get a great reception from you every time they visit your website. While you can’t compete with Amazon at low prices, give your customers the love and care every person craves for. You can give them the customer support they need, especially after-sales support. Amazon can’t offer them the hospitality you can give to your customer as you operate in the city or country where your customers reside.

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