Protecting Your Business from the Actions of Your Workers

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As the owner of your own business, you are responsible for the words and actions of your employees.  Even if you are not aware of what they are doing, you are still the person whom the public looks to when one of your employees makes a misstep.  You may be the one to make restitution to the public and your customers as a result.

The restitution you may be expected to pay, whether figuratively or literally, could be more than you can afford.  You might even risk going out of business because of the actions of someone whom you hired and trusted to reflect well on the company.  You may be able to avoid this disaster by investing in qualified legal counsel, an employee dishonesty bond, and proper insurance that will pay for such losses.

Insurance against Mistakes, Neglect, and Oversights

The notaries public whom you have in your employ may not intentionally mean to dishonor your company.  They might discharge their duties as notaries to the best of their abilities.  Even so, their best may fall short of what is actually legal in your state.

Given the importance of what they do in their sworn roles, it is understandable that the people who pay them for notary services want to pursue legal and financial action against them and you once a mistake is realized.  You could have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, money that could take a negative toll on your cash flow.

Rather than pay out of your business’s own pocket, you could use a policy that you can buy now to guard against such financial losses.  This protection will kick in if or when a customer takes action against you after one of your notaries public makes an intentional or accidental mistake or oversight when notarizing an important document.

You may need to protect your business against the missteps of your employees.  You can invest in notary public bonds and insurance that will pay customers who take legal and financial action against you after serious mistakes.


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