How to prepare your house for a property survey

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What is a property survey and how do you prepare for it? Let’s take a look at the different types and what they entail.

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Three types of survey

The basic survey is for the purposes of mortgage lending. The surveyor will make sure that the property exists and that it is safe for a bank or building society to lend money against. This is completed on behalf of the lender.

The homebuyers survey is carried out on behalf of the buyer. This survey ensures there are not going to be any major repairs needed to the property after they move in. It can be carried out on all types of property.

The full structural survey is also carried out on behalf of the buyer. As you would expect, this survey will go into a lot more detail and is more expensive. It is especially useful if the property is old or has had major work carried out.

For a thorough understanding of the differences between the surveys, an internet search for ‘home buyers survey Kent’ will bring up lots of results.

How to prepare for your survey

Your surveyor should belong to a professional organisation such as RICS, which is a self-governing body. Expect your surveyor to be well-trained and know exactly what to look for. You can prepare for the survey by making sure your home, including your garden, is tidy and easily accessible.

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Don’t worry about the small things, such as the lock on the bathroom door that you haven’t got round to repairing or the paint chips in the hallway. The surveyor will be looking for more structural issues, so it is a good idea to repair things such as cracks in the walls before the surveyor arrives.

If you are in any doubt about what the survey report might show, you could get your own survey carried out by a reputable company before you put your property on the market; for example, a home buyers survey Kent will highlight the areas you might want to concentrate on and offer you peace of mind.

You may find it a little daunting to have a survey carried out on your house; however, surveyors are human and a cup of tea and a smile will go a long way towards making the experience a pleasant one.

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