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Many home sellers will tell you that marketing their home can sometimes feel overwhelming. This feeling gets worse when you are also looking for a new home within the same timeframe. Every step you take and every decision you make during this process can either help save you money or cost you a great deal. To put this in context, we are talking about thousands and possibly millions of dollars.

However, with the right knowledge, selling, or marketing your home does not have to be something to be afraid of. All you need is to understand are the processes involved and you can bag yourself a profitable sale.

In this post, we will take you through a basic guide to selling your home.


Here are a few basic tips you should know when selling your home:

  • WHAT’S YOUR DESIRED PROFIT MARGIN? While many home sellers have an idea about how much they think their home is worth, their desired selling price is sometimes way off the actual valuation. Hence, the importance of using an online property valuation tool to help guide you through the process. Keep in mind that you will need to calculate what you intend to have left should you have to pay off your mortgage. Do some research to find out if moving your existing mortgage to a new home is possible. Proper planning of the amount of cash you intend to have left will help prevent you from selling your home at a loss. Click here to learn more.
  • IS RENTING MORE PREFERABLE THAN PURCHASING? Looking to procure a new home while selling an existing one can be challenging at times. This is where renting a property for a short time comes in. While renting can increase overall expenses, it helps relieve the pressure of having to purchase and sell or market a property simultaneously. This gives you ample time to locate the perfect house with the right environment at a wallet-friendly price. Since the pressure to procure a home is lifted for a period of time, you can invest all the time you need to search for the right property at an affordable price.
  • ARE YOU WORKING WITH THE PERFECT REAL ESTATE AGENT? While it is possible to sell your home yourself, it is not advisable, especially if this is your first time doing so. You can either choose to work with an online estate agent or a local real estate agent. You will need to research the right real estate agent for you. Find out how they sold other properties and their valuation system. Don’t hold back in asking questions about how they intend to sell your home while considering your financial plan. However, you will need to listen to their advice when you finally decide on the estate agent you intend to work with.

Working with the right estate agent will do more than significantly reduce the pressure of selling your home. It will also ensure that you sell your home at the right price.

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