Bring More Light into Your Home with These Tricks

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Flooding your home with natural light is a great way to give the appearance of space and lift your mood. There’s no better way to let in light than opening up your windows, but here are a few other tricks you can do to let the light shine in.

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Keep It Clean

It sounds obvious, but the cleaner your windows are, the more light they’ll be able to let shine through. So whilst it’s a chore, clean windows at least once a month to let them shine.

Sometimes windows may be beyond a simple clean and polish. If yours need replacing, consider fitting good-quality double glazing. The Planning Portal – – says it can cut in half the amount of heat you lose through windows, so you can save energy as well.

Add More Windows!

If your budget and planning permissions allow, you could consider adding glass doors or roof windows to increase the ways sunlight can access your property. In Hereford double glazing experts can help advise you on your options.

Replace Dark Curtains

Dark, heavy fabric around windows can block out light and make a room appear generally smaller. Try replacing them with the lighter fabric of voiles, which can give you the privacy you require at the same time as letting light in.

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Remove Anything That Blocks Natural Light

Sometimes natural daylight can be prevented from entering your home due to overgrown trees and shrubs outside. It’s worth taking a look to see if there is anything outside your property that could be hindering your access to daylight and trimming it back if necessary.

While it’s great to be able to enjoy landscaped views such as those of the cathedral town of Hereford double glazing is at its best when not blocked by overgrown foliage.

Check which direction sunlight comes into your home at different times of the day. It will alter as the day progresses, so what doesn’t block light in the morning could well have an effect by the late afternoon.

Ensure You Have a Light-Reflecting Interior

There is plenty you can do inside your home to make it appear lighter and brighter too. Light colours and reflective materials such as mirror and glass all help to bounce light around, giving you that bright and spacious feeling.

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