Top Risks Of How Your Business Could Benefit

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A programmatic campaign involves turning over part of your marketing process to a piece of software. There are two ways that a programmatic campaign is perceived. Firstly, there are people that think it is a way of passing the responsibility of their marketing off to a piece of software to the point where they think all they have to do is get people to enter the sale’s tunnel and the software will do the rest. The people with this belief are incorrect.

The second way a programmatic campaign is perceived is that it will somehow dilute the leads that a company can get. They feel that the software and the auto-generated sales messages are going to scare away a portion of their target audience. They feel that interested consumers may be scared away by the way the software operates and deals with them. The people that believe this are also incorrect.

A Tool Is Only As Good As Its User

Your company could suffer thanks to a programmatic campaign because it is a tool and not a solution. The concept and what it entails is a tool that you can use to attract more leads or generate more conversions. It may attract new conversions or scare away your target audience depending on how you use it.

Use Fewer Staff Hours

If one had to tout the merits of a programmatic campaign, the first biggest benefit is that it saves a lot of productive staff hours. Even changing simple processes, such as a confirmation email after a sale, is going to save hours of productive staff time if it is done automatically by software. If your staff had to alter your affiliate advert bid prices through the day, then that too would waste their productive time because software can do it for you.

Fewer Lost Leads

It is possible to use programmatic marketing and lose more leads than you gain, but that all depends on how you use the associated software and tools. If correctly and intelligently optimized, you can reduce the amount of leads you lose. One assumes that the weight of interest in your company and its services/products is more than your staff can handle. Can you honestly say that every lead is picked up by your staff, or that every potential lead is acted upon? With a programmatic campaign, you could help to ensure that all leads are acted upon, even if it is a simple case of recognizing the lead and its value to the company.

Improve Analysis

All business should use trial-and-error testing to improve their marketing, business, service and products. However, your efforts in the region of trial and error are only as good as how well you measure your results. There is very little value in a marketing campaign that did well, if you do not have sufficient data to figure out why it was a success so that you may repeat said success. A programmatic campaign, if correctly optimized, can yield more information than you could ever wish to use. Such data may then be analyzed and evaluated so that you may learn from each marketing campaign.

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