A couple of influential women in the UK fashion industry

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The world of fashion and design in particular is a very competitive one. It is however an incredibly rewarding one. Having one of your collections displayed for all to see on the runway of one of the world’s many credible fashion shows must be an incredible feeling. The designs that are shown each year then influence the fashion trends for the rest of that year. There are many incredible clothes designers for both female and male clothing. This article will look at two of the most influential female designers but Men’s designer shirts in many different styles and brands like which are created by both female and male designers across the globe.

In the UK fashion industry, we have been blessed with some amazing designers both past and present who have inspired many home sewers and fashion students alike.  There are many designers of both genders that have influenced the fashion industry and to mention them all would require an entire book on the subject to be written! So here are a few snippets about two of the UK’s top female designers:

Dame Vivienne Westwood

She is one of the most well-known British designers in the UK and her popularity and sheer brilliance in designing clothing are evident in that she has had a career in the fashion world that has spanned over five decades. She has been credited with bringing about the fashion genre punk and in the 1970s her items were influenced by the use of tartan as a material with the inclusion of chains and safety pins in the designs. Westwood is probably best known nowadays for her figure-hugging; corset-style dresses and continues to draw in new fans of her style.

Stella McCartney

She is a designer who started her passion for all things fashion off as a student and then carved herself into an impressive career in the industry. Before establishing her own label in 2001 she was the Creative Director of the French brand Chloe. Her own label shows her talents for beautifully tailored items and she is a designer that is well respected and popular with celebrities and her pieces are often shown being worn at red carpet events. She is a designer who stands by her beliefs and principles and as a vegetarian, she refuses to work with any animal-derived materials such as leather and fur.

As previously mentioned there are numerous other designers just as influential as Westwood and McCartney and look out for future articles that will talk about some of these individuals.

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