Top 5 fun Stag Do ideas

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A Stag Do is a man’s version of a Hen Do, and ultimately means the mans ‘last day of freedom’ as an unmarried man. There are many ways Stag Do’s are celebrated – some abroad, some so unsensible the stags pledge not to reveal the details of the night to the Bride. Here are 5 fun Stag Do ideas that don’t involve happenings that could lead your special lady to cancelling the wedding or being left at the altar.

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What a better way to bring out your competitive side than with a fun game of paint balling – it has everything a thrill seeking group of lads would want. Paint balling involves being split into teams and shooting your opponent with dye – filled gelatin capsules.

Driving Experiences

For a group of men who have a love for eye catching vehicles – this could be the one for you. This is a great way for the Stag and his friends to get together and just have fun. There are companies like that offer Tank Driving Days, this is something completely different, and is definitely a lot more sensible.

Outdoor Adventure days

This is a great idea for the adventure lovers who enjoy being active, and this gives them the opportunity to bond over a fun activity. This could include White Water Rafting, Abseiling or even Coasteering etc. Outdoor activities would make for a great summer stag do, as you could really take advantage of the good weather. You and your friends will not want to miss out on these experiences. If you are opting for this stag do activity, you must be careful as a lot of these activities do come with risks of injuries.

Zombie Experience

 If you are a keen horror lover, then you will definitely want to look into zombie experience days. This involves being in a group and navigating around areas where ‘zombie’ actors and actresses are trying to catch you. If you are brave enough, you can even try out after dark zombie experiences.

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Zorb Football

Also known as ‘bubble football’, this is just like normal football except you are wearing an inflatable zorb ball suit that certainly makes a game of football a lot more interesting, and will be a great laugh for you and your mates. There are many experience companies across the UK that offer zorb football, so keep this fun activity in mind.

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